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FC Cordova Mishkova Warwings MC FCh.
HM 473047/03 (dob 1993-06-25 died 2005-03-31)
Breeder: A. Louise Siegert.  By CH Songmaker's Sotto Voce -
Cordova Mishkova Tara. (Bitch)

Litter by CH Mariza Rising Star Forever whelped 1999-09-13

"Wings" was our first Borzoi.  To her fell the thankless task of training us as newcomers to the world of pedigreed dogs.  We showed her relentlessly before she was ready, accumulating exactly one championship point and all kinds of valuable experience.  We had the distinct pleasure of seeing her littermate Warpaint take BOW at the 1997 National Specialty in Atlanta under Pat Murphy (Oaklara).  Wings excelled on the coursing field against fierce competition, winning the Open Stake at the 1995 National Specialty near Pittsburgh and many Field BOBs along the Mason-Dixon line.  Her lure coursing career was cut short by an injury at play in our yard, when she shattered her left femur into half a dozen pieces.  She healed and recovered her excellent sidegait, but was always more tentative at lure coursing afterwards.  In our family she remained the "worshiped white dog", smiling with enthusiasm as she waded through the elementary school dismissal throng looking for her masters.

Wings' pedigree includes Voce and Con Brio, prominent conformation specials in the Northeast in the early 1990's. Her maternal grand-dam Icis was imported from Australia by Louise Siegert on her return to the US.  Wings appears to be all white; genetically she was (I think) an extreme white spotted yellow extension tri with chinchilla to fade the red spots into cream, an impressive list of double recessive color traits.  She had excellent pigment, full dentition, scissor bite, dark eyes, great front and rear angulation, the kind of topline I prefer, a plush coat, and a nice long tail.  She stood 29" at the withers.


Assorted Wings stacked.  Click to enlarge.

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