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Avatar Borzoi is a modest private dog breeding kennel located north-east of Tucson, Arizona.  Dan and Janet Averill own and operate Avatar Borzoi as a hobby (sometimes an obsession) to breed, show, and lure course AKC registered Borzoi.

We began our involvement with Borzoi in 1993, and we are indebted to the counsel of Louise Heaton Siegert and her Cordova-Mishkova breeding program for our foundation.  We have also enjoyed the guidance of Mary Fisher and Pat Toy of Mariza Borzoi; they were very generous in sharing their experience with us and other newcomers in the breed.  We offer our thanks and respect to these mentors.

We are enjoying our cooperation with Tamara Carey of Sedona Borzoi in pursuit of our shared vision for this wonderful breed. Visit her website at www.sedonaborzoi.com for news and updates from Tacoma, Washington.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail regarding the occasional availability of show prospect puppies or house trained adults.  We can be reached by phone at 410-271-3630.  This site includes pedigrees, coursing pictures, puppy pictures, and some ancestor pictures.  Please enjoy your visit and thank you for looking us up.


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We are past members of the Potomac Valley Borzoi Club, and Dan has served on the board of directors.  Our dogs are fed a bones and raw food diet, which we find reduces both tooth and yard cleaning.

Our dogs are socialized as a part of our family in addition to their conformation and performance activities.  We routinely walk them around the UofA West Gate Shopping District when we go out for coffee, and they take turns riding shotgun on errands into town.  It is our sincere hope that, over time, our community will begin to recognize a "Borzoi" on sight and not offer guesses like "Russian Wolfhound" or "Afghan".  It is good to have hope.  In the meantime we good-naturedly propose that the difficult-to-pronounce breed name "Labrador Retriever" be changed to "American Duck Fetching Dog" since it is more descriptive.  That is what they are, right?

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